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Ripples: KTAP 10th Anniversary
The Keppel Technology Advisory Panel (KTAP) was established by Keppel Corporation in 2004 with members consisting of eminent business leaders, professionals and industry experts from across the world. Together, they form a key platform to advance Keppel Group's technology leadership. To celebrate its 10th year of establishment, we were tasked to create a commemorative book to be given away to past and existing members.

This keepsake publication would encompass brief insights into KTAP, its members, and key issues that the panel has raised over the last 10 years through essays, testimonials and profiles of the members gathered from their secretaries and close personnels.

Over the years, KTAP members have contributed to a broad range of ideas and developments in Keppel. The areas include drilling and production technology, offshore wind, coal gasification, waste-to-energy, as well as potentially disruptive technologies—all these with a main mission in mind to create a ripple effect of innovation throughout the Group and the industry at-large. This is where the book's theme took inspiration from.

We sought to craft a book that was both striking and modern—to off set any of the "heavy reading" of its content, which were more academic in nature—and also created simple graphic elements to represent the ripple effect that KTAP has had and will continue to have on the technology industry for years to come.

A wise man once said, the difference is in the details.
We think the difference is having the balls to do it.

Bureau is a design studio that provides businesses and brands with a creative hand and a solid sack of ideas. We believe in stretching the boundaries of graphic design, while maintaining a strong commitment to artistry and quality in every work that we do.

Occasionally we experiment with other design forms such as furniture, spatial, and product design. Traditional techniques like letterpress and silkscreen printing get us excited as well.

We sometimes get mistaken for a book shop. Or Nana & Bird. But that’s okay, because we're friendly, unless you owe us money, of which is the entire reason why we have a rack of guns in the studio.

A selected list of some clients we've worked with.

Kai Yeo
Partner / Creative Director
“I think, will I want this logo tattooed on myself?”

A true artisan known for his keen attention to detail and relentless pursuit of perfection, Kai started his design career at Asylum, which saw the work that he helmed critically acclaimed by the likes of the ONE Show, Creative Circle Awards, Communication Arts and D&AD. / He also served as Design Director at 10AM Communications, working with clients like ION Orchard and Creative Technology. / He has shared his passion for design at various platforms, including the Crowbar Awards and The Design Society Conference as speaker and member of the jury. / He still prefers being in front of his Mac OS 10.4. / Amazingly, he also still designs using an outdated version of Macromedia FreeHand. On weekends, you can find him in the jungle.
Edmund Seet
Partner / Design Strategist
“It’s all about tactility, guys. Foreplay.”

A creative strategist with a heavyweight branding and advertising background, Edmund has held regional positions at leading global agencies, from FutureBrand, to Design Director at Bartle Bogle Hegarty, to Regional Head of Art at Lowe and Partners Worldwide. / His contributions and roles have led his teams through campaigns for global clients such as Unilever, Diageo, Coca Cola and Levi’s. / He now steers our team through sheer grit, peppered with colourful Hokkien phrases, and daily sage-like quotes of wisdom.

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