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Brand Identity Design

The Tanamera Estate

A sprawling Sri Lankan style three-bedroom villa located in historic Galle. Brand identity work for The Tanamera Estate resulted in design outcomes such as logos and signage, guest stationery and marketing material in print and digital media.

Tanamera Estate_Logo
Tanamera Estate_Graphic Element Blue

Design elements inspired by motifs found on the Laksha lacquerware that originates from central Sri Lanka.

Tanamera Estate_Logotype
Tanamera Estate_Stationeries

Guest stationery and printed matter designed to be right at home with the interior decor of the villa—where personal touches of the owner makes its subtle presence felt.

Tanamera Estate_Post Card
Tanamera Estate_Collaterals
Tanamera Estate_Book
Tanamera Estate_Book
Tanamera Estate_Mobile

Taking the approach of having design blend comfortably into its surrounding vernacular.


Client: Keimin Investments Pte. Ltd.
Creative Director: Kai Yeo
Designers: Edna Sun, Reika Goh

Project Coordinator: Shannon Wee

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