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Public Art

Fibonacci Bench

30 LifeStories—Remembering Parks was a project that brought together homegrown designers and artists. Inspired by their experiences of time spent in Singapore’s parks and gardens, they created furniture pieces and objects out of logs and tree trunks collected from all around Singapore. Fibonacci Bench was Bureau’s contribution to the project, highlighting the tensions inherent in the play between nature and the manmade.


Fibonacci Bench is inspired by the mysterious number sequence often found in nature—one that still facinates mathematicians.


The bench is made from the trunk of a tembusu tree, sliced into eight parts according to measurements from the fibonacci sequence. The result looks absolutely man-made with its sharp angles and precise cuts—an ironic contrast from a concept rooted in nature.


Client: Nparks Singapore
Design Lead: Kai Yeo
Project Coordinator: Shannon Wee
Collaborator and Producer: Luxx Newhouse Group

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