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Brand Identity Design

Orangutan Haven

How do you translate a deeply human passion for the conservation of a single endangered species into a visual language?

The Encounter

At the invitation of the PanEco Foundation and the Indonesian Goverernment, we took a field trip to the jungles of North Sumatra to witness the work of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP), which rehabilitates wild orangutans rescued from illegal pet traders and injuries caused by local farming practices and return them to the wild. Unfortunately, some orangutans will never survive this reintroduction.

Orangutan Haven was created by the PanEco Foundation to meet this specific need. It is a centre for these injured and frail orangutans to live out their days. While engaged in the work of care and rehabilitation, Orangutan Haven’s mission also includes education on the issues around wildlife and the conservation of its habitat.

When we visited, construction had just begun on Orangutan Haven and we toured the site with SOCP’s director Dr Ian Singleton, and while we were intrigued by the work of the organization, we were struck by Dr Singleton’s humanity, dedication and indeed, energy.

How would we translate this human connection into the centre identity design for Orangutan Haven?



Relatability and Mass Appeal

The logomark is created from from the upper case letter ‘O’ from the Rubik font. It is the face of an adult Orangutan. We seize the creative opportunity by creating the face of a baby Orangutan based on the small letter ‘o’. This could then be used later on kids’ related collaterals for the centre.

Neutraface Display for logotype—clean and geometric yet warm and human.

Master Logo


Its mission is not just focused on rescue and rehabilitation. Education and outreach is a big part of the centre’s objective, hence the brand identity has to have mass appeal.

Prioritization and Practicality of Resources

Our logo construction is almost always measureable in x-values. Here you can see that in the horizontal and the vertical lockups of the logo, the size of ‘ORANGUTAN HAVEN’ is kept as a contant. Such rules although no longer crucial—since artworks are always available in digital formats—are still relevant to construction projects such as Orangutan Haven because some of the logo application onsite is to be hand painted by local tradesmen.

Logo Proportions


Palette of Influences

Part of the Primary Colour Palatte of the brand include the PMS 173 brown, selected to the exacting standard of Dr Ian Singleton—Director of SOCP. It was the colour he felt was closest to the hair of the Sumatran orangutan.

Primary Colours




Also home to the Karonese Batak people, hints of design motifs native to the area can be found in the identity design system of the Orangutan Haven.


The Orangutan Haven is located in the Deli Serdang Regency, which is also home to the Karonese Batak people. Hints of design motifs native to the area can be found in the identity design system of the Orangutan Haven. The motifs have also been incorporated into a set of customised decorative typeface for the project.


Client: Orangutan Haven / PanEco
Creative Director: Kai Yeo
Designers: Chunyong Tan / Marie Chong

Project Coordinators: Diana Kosmanto / Gilbert Murrer 
Illustrators: Chunyong Tan / Marie Chong

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